What to do

Now that you have your Ship Shape Day supplies and you’ve confirmed an area for clean-up, head on out to your spot. 

You can do your clean up anytime before Monday morning.  Leave filled bags along the street or road where you’ve worked for DPW trucks to pick them up.

Please take all necessary precautions, including wearing gloves, being careful on river banks or near roads, having adults handle dangerous items and supervising children closely.

Why Ship Shape Day supplies are special

Town employees will only pick up the special Ship Shape Day bags from the side of the street or edge of a parking lot.  They are either green or orange and have “Shipshape Scituate” printed on them.

Using orange recycle bags

The orange recycle bags are for recyclable materials that can be co-mingled at the Transfer Station:

  • aluminum cans
  • plasticbottles
  • plastic jars, jugs and tubs
  • plastic take-out food containers (as long as they’re not black)

Unfortunately, paper and glass are handled separately by the refuse company and cannot be be co-mingled with aluminum and plastic.  Paper litter and glass should be put into a green Ship Shape Day bag.

If you find glass bottles and cans that are eligible for a refund, please feel free to take them to a redemption center.

We encourage everyone to sort out the recyclable materials as they pick up litter, because recycling is better for the environment.  However, if you don’t want to do this, we ask that you do not take an orange bag.  Putting materials that are not appropriate for co-mingling into orange bags is harmful.

When in doubt, trash should be put into a green bag.

Large Items

Large items should be pulled out to a street or, at beaches, to a parking area where they are accessible for pick up by Town trucks.  If possible, they should be placed together with filled Ship Shape Day bags.